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A visit to Greece is a visit to the very foundations of Western civilisation as we know it. The principles of our politics, architecture, art, philosophy, drama, language and sports were borne out of a period of ancient Greece between 600 and 400 BC known as "The Golden Age of Athens", and you will find evidence of all these strains of modern society dotted throughout the mainland and islands of this spectacular country.

From the ruins of the awe-inspiring Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens to the site of the very first Olympic Games in Olympia, there are reminders at every turn of the part Greece has played in formation of modern life as we know it. But there is much more to Greece than history and culture. Beautiful beaches and crystal blue seas, dramatic mountainous regions perfect for hiking or rock climbing. Olive groves, vineyards and seafood providing a deliciously fresh and uncomplicated cuisine (not to mention healthy) And above all, a welcome and sense of hospitality as warm and sunny as the climate. Little wonder then, that renting a holiday villa in Greece is a very popular choice with travellers worldwide.

The capital Athens, referred to by the locals as "the biggest village in Greece", is a teeming and bustling metropolis, home to over a third of Greece's population. Although it will always be associated with, and dominated by, the ruins of the magnificent Acropolis, there is a vibrant modern city to be discovered here, with a cafe culture and nightlife to rival anything in mainland Europe. It is also home to the finest collection of ancient Greek antiquities and artefacts anywhere in the world.

Just off the mainland, and technically now an island, lies the almost indescribable beauty of the culture-rich Peloponnese. There are treasures and natural wonders to be discovered here too numerous to list. Needless to say, if, as the ancient Greeks believed, this was the domain of the Gods, you would hard-pressed to find a more suitable region for them to have resided in. There are the temples in Corinth, Mycenae and Pylos, the resplendent theatre in Epidaurus, the stadium and gymnasium in Olympia, birthplace of the most famous and celebrated sporting event in the world, the Olympic Games. And all this history and culture sits alongside the wondrous, natural beauty of the region, with perfect beaches and forested inland vying for your attention amongst the countless historical monuments.

As if all that wasn't enough, there are the delights of the myriad Greek Islands to discover. The party-hard hedonism of Mykonos contrasts with the scenic and idyllic majesty of picture-postcard Santorini. The largest of the Greek islands, Crete, can feel like a country all on its own, with a rich and cosmopolitan culture set amongst a natural relief of pristine beaches, soaring snow-capped mountains and a climate so agreeable you can still be sunbathing in late October!

Our range of luxury holiday villas in Greece are spread throughout the mainland and across the numerous beautiful Greek islands.

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